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I can’t believe a whole year has passed! I am honored to have the privilege of participating in the annual sari competition again.  This year, the competition centers around re-inventing our saris into zero-waste garments.  To be honest, initially, I was intimidated by this prompt.  However, I took the opportunity to challenge myself aesthetically, technically, and creatively, and I believe I am all the better for it.


After talking with Beth Shorrock (my teacher and AMAZING mentor for this project), we came to the conclusion that I needed to really listen to my sari, and that I should begin by cutting it apart and piecing it back together.  Four days later, my sari had been reduced to hundreds of rectangles in varying sizes.  I re-organized the rectangles by color and pattern, pinned them, and sewed them back together to make an entirely new textile.  Then, I started digging into India’s textile history and thinking about India’s history.  I thought about the impact of English rule and Gandhi’s bloodless rebellion, which allowed India to regain its sovereignty as a country.  After my research, the garment began to take shape.  I crafted a romper out of organic cotton and embellished it with thread embroidery.  The tailored silhouette of the romper, with its high-neckline and short sleeves, draws a parallel to western European dress during the Elizabethan era.  My new sari textile became a draped skirt, paying homage to traditional Indian dress and the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Even though I was initially intimidated, I am thrilled to have participated in the annual Sari competition for the second year in a row.  Going forward, I am looking forward to learning even more about India’s rich history and culture through this year’s Eye on India Festival!

– Rachel Hentrich

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