Kolams and Symmetries of Border Patterns

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This student chose a simpler motif. Here, they have repeatedly rotated their motif 180 degrees, using both positive and negative space to create visual interest from a simple arrangement.

A student at Ogden International learning about kolams, were art and math meet.     Looking back over 2017, Eye on India is still smiling from its great experiences with two Chicago public schools. In the spring, Eye on India was back in the fourth-grade classrooms of Ogden International School with Dr. Sunita Vatuk. The… Read more »

Giving Tuesday

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          Eye on India is a cultural organization committed to bridging conversations between India and Chicago through art & cultural programs that address emergent contemporary themes in either country. By organizing exhibitions, theatrical productions, and programs in the performing arts, we hope to bring artists from both sides of the world… Read more »