Eye On India

“Say the words ‘Indian art’ and what might come to mind most quickly are the Taj Mahal, Ravi Shankar, Classical Hindu dance and Bollywood. But during the past several decades ‘ the subcontinent’ has changed dramatically, and a whole new artistic energy has emerged. It is this art — in many disciplines, and with all its links to the past blended with all its contemporary and cross-cultural influences — that Anuradha Behari president of Chicago’s Eye on India Festival, is determined to showcase.”

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Eye on India is a young and dynamic organization whose role is to serve as a facilitator and integrator. Promoting appreciation for diverse programming in the cultural landscape of Chicago, the festival’s uniqueness lies in its ability to create and inspire collaboration among various cultural, community and business organizations across Chicago and other cities in the US and India.

Started in 2011 when long-time Chicago resident, Anuradha Behari, partnered with Sanjoy Roy, president of Teamwork Arts in India, the Eye on India festival has grown from a one week festival featuring 7 events to a 3 week long, annual festival featuring over 30 events each year. Relying primarily on a team of committed volunteers contributing between 100 to 200 hours per week throughout the year, Eye on India is an early stage not-for-profit.

Eye on India has established itself as the leading platform for Indian programming in Chicago. The brand is now well recognized among artists and organizations, not just in Chicago, but increasingly throughout the country.To learn more about Eye on India, the team and the work that we are committed to throughout the year.


Teamwork Arts

5 Years ago the Eye on India Festival was born of a collective desire to create a platform for arts communities to share and grow. Marrying content from India with current contemporary work from America, we strive to create never before seen programs, showcasing the best of Indian and American art and culture. From our home base in Chicago, the Festival has now expanded to Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. In the process, Eye on India has become one of the leading platforms for cultural exchange and partnerships between two dynamic democracies and economic partners. Looking ahead, there is much to be done as we hope to grow the Festival and reach out to patrons of the arts and audiences across the country. The last five years would not have been possible without the support of individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors, and we hope that in our desire to expand, the relationships forged between the US art community and civic leaders with their Indian counterparts will berewarding to both people for years to come. Sanjoy Roy, Teamwork Arts Anuradha Behari, Eye on India