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Kicking off Eye on India’s 6th Year of Chicago Partnerships

- Suman Chhabra We’re thrilled to announce our partners for the 2016 Eye on India Festival. Our partners represent

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Kaveri  Raina, Hannman Mukut, Acrylic, burlap, 70 x 40 inches, 2016   Xenophilia: n. 1. an attraction to f

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Parivaar: Creating Family and Opportunities

While there is enviable economic growth in India in recent years,economic disparity in India is a hard hitting reality.

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When One Country Is Your Heritage But Another Is Your Home

Growing up in the US, we learn from a young age to respond with a sense of pride that at times can bring us to tears whe

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Eye on India, 6th Annual Gala

“On behalf of my family, I would like to say, "Thank You" for the magical evening!  Our senses were immersed in such

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2016 Program Highlights

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In Nandeshwar Temple in Kharagpur

Following the Box (part 3)

A priest during a ceremony is from the Nandeswar Temple in Kharagpur  Alan Teller and Jerri Zbiral are Following the

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 Alan Teller and Jerri Zbiral are Following the Box, that is following the box of 1945 photographs of India to the othe

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