When One Country Is Your Heritage But Another Is Your Home

Growing up in the US, we learn from a young age to respond with a sense of pride that at times can bring us to tears when our flag is drawn, an athlete brings home the gold, or if any of our fellow citizens experiences ‘success’. You feel proud.

I grew up in the United States and it never ceases to amaze me how easily these feelings of pride come, how ingrained they are. Yet… I have chosen India as my home. My feelings of pride for my home and the life that India has so generously given to my family and I, comes from a place of knowing, a place of choice, and a place of privilege. Privilege to cross boundaries by choice.

When one country is your home, but another your birth place, we are at times conflicted. Our identity can be difficult to define. Choosing to make a country your home, means choosing to accept its’ short-comings and celebrate its’ achievements. Our birth country is always apart of us, apart of who and why we are the person we are.

As Americans and Indians across the US and India celebrated 70 years of independence, Americans shared in their pride of India’s achievements with their adopted home, the United States. These celebrations are truly an example of community building and what Eye on India works to build.

Happy 70th Independence Day India!


– Jamie Beth Mehra

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