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Jamie Mehra is Eye on India’s energetic Head of Production located in New Delhi.There she works with Teamwork Arts, Eye on India’s vital partner, to bring great contemporary talent and ideas to Chicago. Mehra brings great enthusiasm, experience and her passion for festivals to Eye on India’s vision.

In India cities thrive, yearly calendars are created, families are planned around the truly massive festivals that occur year after year throughout the country: Kumbh Mela, Kala Ghora and the Pushkar Camel Fair to name a few. In India, festivals are not only a means by which the country celebrates its’ culture, they are a part of the country’s culture itself. How better to introduce Chicago and India than by celebrating with a multi disciplinary arts festival?

A multi art festival offers a unique opportunity for audiences and artists to benefit from a larger platform that a single show or performance otherwise would not allow. During the first contemporary festival I was a part of in India, The Jaipur Literature Festival, the audience swarmed with chatter that convinced me I had been a part of creating something important; something with a lasting impact. A dialogue had formed that would extend beyond the dates of the Festival and reach back to the offices and homes of those that had come to participate.

The interactions of audiences in hallways, atriums and festival galas of the Eye on India festival cultivate conversations that build partnerships. An annual opportunity to come together, a festival ignites and re‐unites relationships and partnerships that continue throughout the year and generate further collaboration and artistic innovation.

I look forward to the 2016 festival and all that will transpire!

From America to India and back,

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Eye on India is a young and dynamic organization whose role is to serve as a facilitator and integrator. Promoting appreciation for diverse programming in the cultural landscape of Chicago, the festival’s uniqueness lies in its ability to create and inspire collaboration among various cultural, community and business organizations across Chicago and other cities in the US and India.

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