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Sujatha Purkayastha, Eye on India’s Director of Programing, makes sure our ship keeps sailing, and that all our tasks get done. Purkayastha brings her vast experience, passion for music, and dedication to excellent programing to Eye on India. Having been raised in the US by Indian parents, Purkayastha lives in the cultural crossroads. If there is a South Asian cultural event happening somewhere out in Chicagoland, Purkayastha is sure to be there.

Working to build an Arts organization has been a great part of my journey, and a huge learning opportunity. It provides a fantastic source of energy where producing cross cultural events opens up avenues that source so much motivation to do more. Supporting the arts both in Chicago and in India, bringing people together, building community all make for a rich meaningful life.

When I met with Eye on India president Anu Behari, almost four years ago, I slid right into the organization and started working. Bringing people together, community, Indian artists from India and from Chicago…this is my passion. Being part of cross cultural experiences where the space is an intersection where artists actively create, collaborate and improvise. For me, the music scene where cross cultural work happens at an instant is especially amazing and inspiring. This opens up the space for many people to experience and enjoy! Where tradition meets new and creative ideas is not a point of intersection, but a fluid space that fills with amazing sounds, keeps the audience engaged and leaves them with better understanding. We are actively building bridges with each event we facilitate.

It is exhilarating, exciting, and exhausting when the festival all comes together. The phase of the planning, constantly meeting new people, keeping track of each player, each detail, keeps me engaged with the arts world both in Chicago and in India. From adding cultural organizers and musicians, and artists, to making new friends in person and on Facebook, and creating long‐term relationships. Along with learning new skills, I feel that I am part of a renewed energy that keeps the body, mind and soul going! Working in arts management requires a different kind of mindset, patience, passion than other occupations or professions.

More to come as we unfold EOI 2016!


– Sujatha Purkayastha

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Eye on India is a young and dynamic organization whose role is to serve as a facilitator and integrator. Promoting appreciation for diverse programming in the cultural landscape of Chicago, the festival’s uniqueness lies in its ability to create and inspire collaboration among various cultural, community and business organizations across Chicago and other cities in the US and India.

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