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An Amazing Journey

Life has been a journey. This realization came to me a few years ago. I brought up my children, had a teaching career, a

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This student chose a simpler motif. Here, they have repeatedly rotated their motif 180 degrees, using both positive and negative space to create visual interest from a simple arrangement.

Kolams and Symmetries of Border Patterns

A student at Ogden International learning about kolams, were art and math meet.     Looking back over 2

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Giving Tuesday

          Eye on India is a cultural organization committed to bridging conver

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vidya at roy bari

Women on Record – Discussions with Vidya Shah

Last year I had the privilege of attending Vidya Shah’s discussion on her project, Women on Record and latest publishe

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Opportunity to Grow / The Sari Project

I can’t believe a whole year has passed! I am honored to have the privilege of participating in the annual sari comp

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River Saris by Kanchan Richardson

I was drawn to live in Banaras India as a continuation of family history, moving across the divide of time and culture t

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emme cd cover

East Meets Middle East

I play oud in the Chicago/Kolkata-based music group East Meets Middle East (EMME) along with Subrata Bhattacharya (tabla

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Super Speed

SUPER SPEED! by Cayla Skillin-Brauchle

Cayla Skillin-Brauchle is an artist and art professor living in Oregon. Her exhibition, SUPER SPEED!, was on display at

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