About Zamin

Zamin is a Chicago based band whose unique sound comes from blending an entirely classical instrumentation, a modern take on traditional Hindustani vocals, and an indie rock approach to songwriting. Featuring a wide array of percussion, classical guitar, Cello, double bass, trumpet, and classical Indian instruments such as taanpura and harmonium, Zamin strives to create energy as well as intimacy with their completely acoustic sound. The band is built upon the concept of creating a harmony from the clash between the traditional and the modern, giving the Indian sound an unexpected place in our current music scene. The members include Zeshan Bagewadi, Josh Fink, Genevieve Guimond, Eric Seligman, and Ethan Yeshaya.
Zamin was formed at Northwestern University in 2010 and their first album featured lyrics in Urdu. The band is also very involved in schools and universities and has played for the Global Engagement Summit, the Women’s Board, the Climate Change Symposium, the South Asian Student Association, and the Model UN opening ceremony.

Event Info:

  • 19th June 2013, 6:30pm
  • Hamdard Center for Health 1542 W. Devon Ave., Chicago