About Documentary Work-in-Progress Showcase

t is possible India has always been radically changing, but recently social forces seem to be accelerating the country’s transformation. Two documentaries in progress take a moment to examine and reflect on the change and loss involved in the rapid globalization in India.

The Language of Opportunity is a feature length documentary about the role that English plays in the lives, hopes and dreams of a new generation of Indians; upwardly mobile, they pursue a lucrative place in the growing economy, available to those who speak fluent English. The film interweaves the lives of Indian families from different socio-economic backgrounds and different locations, as they navigate the crucial years that will define their children’s future success.

Searching for Sparrows follows the journey of five citizens from Hyderabad, India, who are working to fortify a sustainable balance between a city undergoing haphazard urbanization, and its natural ecosystem. Using birds as a focal point, this documentary explores the critical balance between development and nature in the age of globalization by looking at the impact of such urbanization on climate change.

Join us for a screening of clips from the works-in-progress and a moderated discussion as filmmakers address complicated issues of globalization through their films and their personal stories.

Dinesh Sabu is an independent documentary filmmaker who is currently directing and producing his first feature-length documentary Unbroken Glass with Kartemquin Films. A panel discussion about Unbroken Glass was featured in the Eye On India Festival 2014. His completed cinematography credits include shooting part of American Arab by Usama Alshaibi, Waking in Oak Creek about the 2012 Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin with Not in Our Town, and a variety of short work with local and national producers.

Born in New Delhi, India, Anuradha Rana worked there as a journalist and television producer before
moving to Chicago to complete her MFA in Film and Video. Her award-winning films have screened internationally and focus on themes of representation, identity, and varied perspectives in a global
environment. She has produced, directed, and wielded camera on documentaries filmed in India, Ecuador, Japan, South Africa and the USA. She currently teaches Cinema at DePaul University, Chicago.

Lajwanti (Laj) P. Waghray, has an extensive background in film and activism. In 2012 she directed and produced a documentary, “Sleepovers” a 53-minute retrospective film documenting the coming of age of four suburban Milwaukee girls over the course of three sleepovers in 10 years. In addition she co-directed the third film in the Janet Fitch’s, 3-part series, “Guns, Grief and Grace in America.” She collaborated with visual artist Nirmal Raja, documenting the lives of Indian grandmothers who immigrated to the United States. In 2008, Waghray co-produced Ramon Rivera-Moret’s documentary “On Calloway Street,” a feature length experimental narrative about immigrant stories in Queens, NY.

Event Info:

  • Wednesday, June 17 at 7:00pm
  • Reva and David Logan Center for the Performing Arts, 915 E. 60th Street, Chicago IL 60637