About Documentary Screening: Scattered Windows, Connected Doors

Eight women. Eight stories. A Documentary

Scattered Windows, Connected Doors is a film about women from urban India. An inspiring documentary capturing the thoughts and choices of these women living in urban India. A series of conversations on love, loss, fear, loneliness, marriage, freedom and what it means to be a woman. The film attempts to understand the choices of these eight varied women from different age groups, at different points in their life. Different influences, different choices. These are the very choices that make them so diverse from each other and yet so alike. Whether it is a corporate honcho, a spiritual Sufi singer, a travelling graphic artist, a photographer, a bestselling author cum blogger, a senior advertising professional, an LGBT rights activist or a hair stylist.

Event Info:

  • Saturday, 28th June 2014
  • Menlo College, 12 Noon
    1000 El Camino Real, Atherton, CA 94027